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KidChameleon nominated for Breakthrough Producer @ the NU-Rave Awards

Just when you thought you were safe from voting until breakspoll 2011.  Our very own schedule manager KidChameleon has only gone and got himself nominated for the best Brek-through producer @ this years Nu-Rave Awards!

Voting has started this week and runs until the 23rd August.  The events ceremony will be held on the 3rd of september at the Rhythm Factory in London.

So what is Nu-rave?

Nu-Rave is the name used to describe a trio of distinct but united sounds: Hardcore Breaks, Rave Breaks and Jungle Techno… Music that takes the best from the original early 90s UK Rave scene and brings it up-to-date with an added twist for the new generation!

To hear Kidchameleon’s music head over to his soundcloud page link below

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NSB Radio Live broadcast from Melbourne with Aquasky, NAPT and Peo De Pittie!

NSB Radio will be broadcasting live from Brown alley Melbourne this Friday night featuring the likes of Aquasky, NAPT and Peo De Pittie!


Melbourne time – Saturday morning, the 24th of July
Set times (Australian time):

00:00 – 01:30: Peo De Pittie
01:30 – 03:30: NAPT
03:30 – 05:30: Aquasky (old skool breaks set)

so, UK time – Friday afternoon, the 23rd of July

15:00 – 16:30: Peo De Pittie
16:30 – 18:30: NAPT
18:30 – 20:30: Aquasky (old skool breaks set)r

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Skanks Radio presents guest DJ Rennie Pilgrem, 6th July 19:00 BST

This just in from Arimtage Skanks very own Boywonder:

“This week we invite the Godfather of Breaks to the Studio to grace his skillz and show of his new flavas. After having him play for Skanks VS Supertronix at Jamm we just had to get him up to do a show. We have picked the perfect date too as the legendary TCR BBQ @ Lockside Lounge is just round the corner

“Son of a jazz trumpeter, Rennie grew up listening to Charlie Parker and playing various funk bands on tenor saxophone. Later after getting heavily into ‘black’ music he formed various funk bands playing sax and keyboards. Rennie’s musical infatuation took a big twist when he heard the sounds coming out of Detroit in the late ‘80s. After making rudimentary House music on the wrong kind of drum machines with soon to be Rhythm Section members Ellis Dee, Richard Thake and Nick ‘Newton Scott, they had interest from (amongst others) the new British house label Guerrilla. Preferring to release their own material they formed Rhythm Section Recordings and became part of the wave of breakbeat house that went on to become known as Hardcore in the early ‘90’s.

“Their third release ‘Comin’ On Strong’ was a anthem and would have charted top 40 if they’d known about ‘bar codes’ on records. With Ellis Dee the crowned king of rave Djs, Rhythm Section played at pretty much every main party between ’90-92’. On the same bill as The Prodigy, Moby, Altern 8, Shades Of Rhythm and Bizzare Inc. Their music was very big with pretty much every major DJ at the time, Fabio, Grooverider, Ray Keith, Carl Cox etc etc…

“As the drugs sped up, so did the music. When the bpms reached a ridiculous 150, Rhythm Section decided to call it a day and separately went back to making music at House tempo.

“In 1993 Rennie founded Thursday Club Recordings (TCR) as a medium for putting out his own material. His first few releases were funky house with a smattering of breaks lurking in the background. Recording now as ‘Thursday Club’ he had a big tune with ‘Thursday Theme’ which was chased by Virgin.

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