If you like what we do here at NSB Radio and want to support the cause we’d massively appreciate it. Every penny donated to us allows us to finance expansion and improve facilities to enhance your listening pleasure. We offer several different ways to donate, so its dead simple for you to do so. All donations are used solely for the upkeep and expansion of the non profit making NSB Radio!

The best way you can help us keep running is to donate via a monthly subscription with PayPal.

That’s what, maybe 1 coffee per week you are shouting us? Its nothing for 24/7 good music.

If you are skint, you may prefer to make a one-off donation if you cannot afford to donate on a monthly basis:

Due to UK tax and finance regulations, these payments are made to our parent company, The Two Percent.

Donate via SMS (UK Only)

We have also set up this easy way to donate in the UK via SMS Рdonate £1.50 on a one-off, monthly or even weekly basis. Follow these links for more info :

One-Off SMS Donation
Monthly SMS Donation
Weekly SMS Donation