How do I tune into NSB Radio?

Use our player on the home page, or use the links below it to open the radio stream in an app on your computer or phone.

I clicked to open the file on my device, now what?

If the download didn’t automatically open in the app, find the downloaded file and open it, it should open in a music playing application.

The wrong program is playing your radio stream

The file that our stream is in must be configured on your device to open in the wrong app. Try to open the program you want to use, then open the NSB stream file from the File > Open menu in the app.

I’m a DJ, how do I get a show on NSB Radio?

Check the schedule and make note of available slots, the visit our Appyy for a Show page.

Do I need to visit a studio to be a DJ on the station?

No, you broadcast your show from wherever you want using your own equipment, this is sent to our servers and then broadcast around the world.

Do I have to live in the UK to be a DJ on NSB?

NSB Radio is not a dedicated UK station. You can live anywhere in the world and NSB Radio accepts applications from DJ’s all over the globe. We ask that a majority of your show is in English.