Apply for a show

Get your own show on NSB Radio! Get to play your music to our established audience, use our platform to promote yourself, and get involved with whatever the NSB crew are up too.

Before you apply for a show

Before you spend five minutes filling in the form below please make sure you meet the following:

  • Your music style – We play underground dance music with a heavy focus on breakbeat. So breaks, drum and bass, trap, beats, bass, dubstep, hip hop, funk… We don’t play commercial hits, commercial rock, pop and other mainstream music.
  • You should be active in our chat room – we use our chat room for everything so go and sign up if you haven’t already
  • Regular commitment – You need to be able to commit long term to a regular show – at least once a month
  • Mix or present – Our DJs typically mix tracks they are playing, or present a show like a typical radio DJ. We can help with all the technical broadcasting stuff, but your show content is up to you!
  • Upload speed – You need to have an internet connection that allows for 1Mbps upload speeds (we’ve found this is bare minimum) – test your speed.

Submit an application to join below and our schedule managers will be in touch. Thanks for thinking of joining NSB Radio!