Gimme a Break – WMC


Anyone heading to WMC 2015 in South Beach Miami this year?

If you are we have a suprise for you!
I linked up with Geo Lopez (Project Mayhem), Mark Smith (Afterdark Records) and Micheal Lauzardo (Gigabeat Records) to join in on the Gimmie A Break Pool Party. Several of our djs will be having a jam session here till 4am.
DJs include Jeff Hunter (True Sounds Radio), Scott Remedy (Breakbeat Chicago), JimmyP w Rev (Old City Breaks), ReFiLL(Rated R) and Xcalibur (Welcome to Beat Street). We will be broadcasting this memorable night LIVE on nsb! On March 28-29th keep your ears peeled if you cant make it to Miami and if your out and about, get down to South Beach for this party. Loads of headliners, but OUR special side dish adds the flavor WMC so needs!
Cheers Jimmyp