NSB Live from the London Notting Hill Carnival 2012!

Hi Nsb’ers!
Tomorrow we will have a first in our entire history, and as far as we can find out about – a first online!

We will be ‘outside’ broadcasting two live public events from two continents on the same day – how freakin cool is that?!?!

Join us for first the Kind Roots festival live from the USA, followed by the ledgendary Notting Hill Carnival from London. the action kicks off at 5AM London time (midnight through 4am EDT/4am through 8am London/BST) followed by the ledgendary NSBRadio live shows such as 2redeption bass” and “hello bassline”, then into the Pineapple tribe & NSB live from the Notting Hill carnival on Sunday from Noon London time/BST though till 7 PM London/BST 2PM/EDT)

Come join us and the true NSB broadcast experience as ony we can do it! this one promises to be a big event, not only because we are broadcasting live from two continents, now only because we have many guest DJ’s on the mic, not only becuase we have the amazing pineapple tribe behind us, not only becuase our own KidC and Casual breakin are headlining, not only because you WILL hear Plexus and Jimmy Breaks live together on the mic for the first time in YEARS, but above all …… becuase this promises to be the best party of 2012!! In person or virtual, everyone involved from Djing through to chatting is going to be part of this.

As bad as this line sound, its true: Miss this and miss out!

Much love,
Simon & Jim