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We’re always looking for help running NSB Radio, and this page lists out what we’re looking for help with.

NSB is a non-profit making enterprise. Working for NSB is unpaid, so we expect those who work for us to either a) love the station, b) want to get experience working in the music industry, or c) want to get experience working on something to improve their own career prospects.

Jobs at NSB are commitments, but not full time commitments. We realise people have lives and jobs, so working for NSB is an ad-hoc/freelance/part-time job.

Job listings are advertised until they are no longer available.

Head of Podcasting

Time commitment required: 2-3 hours per week

We are seeking someone to own the responsibility for the NSB Radio podcast. This job will allow you to control the output of the NSB podcast, reaching thousands/millions of people through iTunes/Spotify and the internet.

Seek out the best shows from NSB to feature
Find guest mixes
Edit and mix down the podcast
Upload to our server and add to iTunes/distribution network

Ability to be the host of the podcast and record your own links and intros
Ability to create jingles for the podcast
Ability to edit / create artwork for promotion

What you will get out of this:
Experience of running/creating a podcast
Access to our global platform and audience
Interacting with DJs and labels in dance music
Managing/Hosting one of the top dance music podcasts
Managing/Hosting an award winning podcast within 18 months

Head of Social Media

Time commitment required: 30-60 minutes every day

We are looking for someone to run the NSB Radio social media channels. Primarily Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you will be tasked with creating content and responding to interactions. Creating content is very very important, so you must either be at forefront of memes, have a sense of humour, or be willing to seek out the best content on a daily basis. We are open to experimentation; competitions, cutting edge content, interviews, AMAs, etc, so we are a great canvas for someone creative to experiment on.

Your main focus will be increasing the awareness of the station to people who don’t listen to NSB currently. Virality and experimentation will be key.

Post regularly to NSB social channels
Create/find amazing content that drives a reaction

What you will get out of this:
Real world experience of being a social media manager
Access to our global platform and audience
Ability to experiment with posts and targeting

Head of Events

Time commitment required: 2-4 hours per week

We are looking for someone who can help NSB put on events all over the world. Our plan is to run regular meet ups all over the world, and this takes organisation. We would also like to run paid-for events, work with corporates, sponsors and more to put on more parties and larger events.

You will need to be great on the phone/emails as you will be speaking to promoters and getting us rooms and stages at festivals. You will need some sales and marketing knowledge (or be willing to learn) due to dealing with corporates and sponsors.

Great at organising
Great on the phone/emails, this job requires a lot of outreach
Ability to think past problems and act quickly

Willingness to travel if required
Willingness to DJ/perform at events if required

What you will get out of this:
Drive our community and events output
Get experience as the main promoter for the NSB brand
Access to our global platform and audience
Deal with promoters, agents, DJs, performers and more

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