[257] WallPlugTuna on NSB Radio – 2020 Retrospektiv

Listen: https://www.mixcloud.com/TheSnooze/257-wallplugtuna-on-nsb-radio-2020-retrospektiv/

My liveshow recording on nsbradio.co.uk from December 16th 2020.

Last breaks installment of 2020 and we took a look back onto a year that’s flung more shit our way than a raging chimp in the jungle! These are the labels I wanna extend a huge thanks to for their relentless work on keeping the breaks scene alive and pumping out fresh track after fresh track in this and other years:
✡︎ Perennial Recording Network ✡︎
✡︎ Rune Recordings ✡︎
✡︎ Morphosis Records ✡︎
✡︎ Kiosek Records ✡︎
✡︎ Succession Records ✡︎
✡︎ Calligraphy Recordings ✡︎
✡︎ Break Wind Productions ✡︎
✡︎ Diesel Recordings ✡︎
✡︎ Lowering The Tone ✡︎
✡︎ Sub Element Recordings ✡︎
✡︎ Blacked Out Recordings ✡︎

Some of them even have me on their promo list. A huge thanks for that!!! Very much appreciated!

⊚ Download this episode: http://bit.ly/WallPlugTuna_Archive
Drawing by me!

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