Berlin Breaks guest mix DJ Phantom Warrior – 26 Nov 9pm GMT

Merlinizzl Berlin Breaks, 2nd and 4th Monday 21GMT – 23GMT

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On Nov 26 Merlinizzl gets visited by DJ Phantom Warrior (SRBE, Katana Audio)
He is without a doubt Berlin’s #1 jump-up DJ, but also has a very big variety ranging from deep to jungle to minimal and back.
He’s played events across Europe like Poland, Austria, England, Ireland, Spain and all over Germany.

He’s also spent a few years teaching kids DJ skill for the Vestax DJ school, not to mention cuttin’ dubs, promoting events and playing on big radio stations in Austria, Germany and England.

With his experience in DJing and playing alongside nearly ever a-list DJ you can imagine he’s also worked with MCs like Navigator, Ragga Twins , Stunnah, Soultrain, Semtex and many more. Playing from big raves to little underground raves and in his early beginnings on school parties and birthdays, he still has the drive and the passion for dnb since day one and with a high work rate, he is ready now to jump in the circle of respected producer. Also he started his own label KATANA AUDIO to bring in his experience in DJing and push himself and some artists around he respected and want to work together.

Releases since 2008
2008 piano men – dainjahruz crowned part 1 – srbe
2009 streetz and hustla – dainjahruz crowned – part 2 – srbe
2009 across the space – wasnt born to follow e.p. – srbe
2009 unda da sky – phantom dub digital
2010 Blur e.p – srbe
2011 spectre e.p. – srbe
2011 run de riddim / mothafukka – phantom dub digital
2012 sky is da limit e.p
2013 – revolution e.p on srbe fortcoming
2012 – they dont know e.p. forthcoming katana audio
2012 – hale of the loreley e.p on bun e down rec.
2013 – new blood e.p. double uv

Dont forget the Date and tune in!