Beyond Boundaries feat. Under This & Matrix!!

Monday November 19th at 10:00 PM EST Beyond Boundaries and NSB Radio brings you a very special event featuring one of the largest names in breaks today. No matter where in the world you are from they have amazed us all with incredible original tracks, remixes and dj sets. We are very pleased to bring you Under This together with founder of Next Level Productions (NLP) DJ Matrix and your host Jayson Butera.

Under This

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Under This is one of the most significant Breaks band formed back in 2003 by the guys who were keen on broken rhythms from their childhood.

Grown on music of The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers and other giants of electronic music scene, these guys have absorbed all the elements of banging sound to form their unique style. Blending the vibes of early 90`s Rave anthems, mid 90`s Big Beat, 70`s Italo Disco and even 60`s Rock`n`Roll with the modern sound of Bassline and Progressive Breaks Under This are always unexpected in their musical innovations.

With their releases on labels such as Distinctive Under This became pretty popular in Latvia as well as in the whole Europe during a few last years and keep working on making their name. Joining the iBreaks Records in 2010, guys have started new era in their carrier, taking high positions in the charts and getting support from many famous DJs and producers such as The Crystal Method, Paul Oakenfold, General Midi, Colombo and Far To Loud, to name a few. But bear in mind – all the achievements they have already had is only beginning.

Their DJ sets is always something exciting and original. Using only software and midi-controller for DJ-ing, Under This is fine example of how amazing may sound the DJ mix played on the lap-top


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DJ Matrix aka Chris McCoy was born in Orlando and grew up in Tallahassee. An early interest in music led him to learn how to read music and play drums, guitar & saxophone. He started exploring electronic music and was turned on by artists such as BT, Paul Van Dyk, The Crystal Method, The Prodigy & DJ Icey. He started playing parties, small clubs and eventually rocking the Tally club scene. Initially mixing house, breaks and drum & bass. He eventually developed an insane taste & preference for mixing broken beats just as artists such as Hybrid, Aquasky & Elite Force were blazing a new direction of sound. In 2003 Matrix moved back home to Orlando and took a break from the club scene all the while continuing to search out the sickest new underground music & mixing at home further developing his style of mix. Chris formed Next Level Productions ( N L P ) with Justin Wilson aka DJ Jdub. He booked a night at a small spot Downtown and started droppin breaks and moving to better venues…Along the way some amazing relationships were made both friendships and brotherhoods only further fueling the fires. After grinding it out for a few years DJ Matrix & N L P have become a respected force in the FL music community. N L P shows are a fusion of art, music & energy fueled by the soul and a pure love of the music with live vocal connections made by the lovely Marybeth who hosts all events. Matrix DJ sets include many different genres, styles and vibes from funky, progressive to heavy & hard breaks & drum & bass. N L P has hosted artists such as Deekline, Slyde, Will Bailey, Merlyn, Sharaz, Lee Coombs, Dustin Hulton, Rob E & Security and Farace to name a few. The N L P crew of DJs, VJ, Dancers, vocalists & fans help to make N L P shows some of the sickest around. It’s all about the love & the music for the N L P crew who are currently, in the studio, working on new cuts of original music soon to be released. Stay Tuned & Long Live BROKEN BEATS !!!