Disc Breaks Interview – Chevy One

Big show this week as very stoked to have an interview and guest mix from Chevy One! The man has made a big impact within a small number of years with a consistent and hectic release schedule of both remixes and originals.. Signed to LOT49 he has been rubbing shoulders and collaborating with the likes of Dylan Rhymes and Meat Katie. His tracks have an intensity and relentlessness that we haven’t really seen since Santos and his productions are always as phat as they come – needless to say I’m a fan as many other followers of the DBS are too… His mix will be featured on the show tomorrow and has the intensity you’d expect – it’s been rocking Chez Llupa for the last couple of days..

Chevy took some time out from his North London studio to do the DBS interview, with the full transcript below he tells us about his upcoming one man show, his ghost producing and his love of cooking…

Show: Disc Breaks with Llupa ft. Chevy One
Date: Thursday, 3rd April 2014
Time: 0900 – 1100 UK (6-8pm here in Brisbane)

Listen: http://www.nsbradio.co.uk
Chat: http://www.nsbradio.co.uk/chat

Chevy One

Chevy One

Signed to Tech-Funk Label Lot49 Records since 2009, Chevy One has achieved chart success with a number of remixes and compilations including: ‘Big’ (7 Year Itch compilation CD 2011 collaboration with Dylan Rhymes), ‘Only You’ (No.5 Breaks Beatport chart 2010) and ‘Ghetto Star’ (Azuli Miami 2010 Compilation CD). Chevy One has also won the Pharrell Williams Remix Competition with Uffie on “A.D.D.S.U.V”.

He is also an established Sound Designer for SampleMagic and Sounds To Sample and to date has worked on over 30 releases.

Chevy One produces and engineers at his studio in North London and has an array of clients from across the globe regularly traveling to work on new projects with a fantastic reputation for providing high quality production work and programming.



Why breaks and what got you into it?

I was born in the South of Spain and Breakbeat is the music that we dance to all the time. !

What are your musical influences and who is exciting you musically at the moment?

I went to a massive rave at “Industrial Copera” when I was 15 years old, I remember looking at the speakers trying to figure out what instrument was making that sound ( it was a tb303 in fact ) and ever since that day I feIt a deep connection with electronic music. From that experience my idols became Meat Katie, Dylan Rhymes, Lee Coombs, BT, Adam Freelance, PMT, Freq Nasty, General MIDI, Plump DJ’s, Rennie Pilgrem and pretty much any release from Hole 9 Yards, Finger Licking and LOT49. Anything that has the characteristic club sound I’m in to it.

How do you go about crafting a new tune or remix?

I like my 10 am till late session where either I start a new track for my label release schedule or I get the parts for a remix. Lately I’m starting to collaborate with other producers and the deal is pretty much the same with the exception that we don’t leave the room until the tracks is done. Yeah, I like to make my tunes in 1 day.

What is your musical background and what instruments do you play, if any?

I come from the MIDI and vinyl culture and I’ve grown up seeing the changes in electronic music from the Atari to cubase then logic, ableton till now. I like music that has a meaning regardless of the genre. I’ve loved the sound of synthesisers since I was a child and I’ve always played guitar ( not exactly professional ) and keyboards. After all that I’ve focus on my studies in audio recording and anything to do with music studios. Live sound it‘s not my thing.

When you sit down to write a tune do you know how it will sound in the end or just go with whatever comes out at the time?

The truth is, nobody does and that’s what creativity means after all. You can have a good sense of what you want to achieve sound wise but nobody can predict the future.

What equipment do you use and what is your favourite bit of Kit?

I only use my Mac Book Pro that’s all you need to write dance music these days really and my favourite piece of kit are my Focal Twins 6 speakers. I can’t live without them.

Do you write any other genre’s of music?

As a matter of a fact I do, I ghost-write for a lot of DJ’s in London. Mainly Deep House, Electro and Big Room House.

In what direction are you heading musically and what new releases have you got in store for us?

I’m putting together a full act where Chevy One becomes a 1 man show with unseen LED lights on sync with the music. The development is been going on for nearly a year and is about to be completed. I’m very excited about this.

What do you think of the current state of breaks worldwide and where do you see the future?

Breaks have always been there but and I’m quite pissed off that new comers haven’t added it into the Bass Music Genre and let me tell you something, we where here before dubstep came out, rolling sick drops with enormous baselines and nobody cared about us. It is all part of a big business plan and breakbeat either for good or bad has always been left out.

What came first the producing or the dj’ing?


What do you listen to when you’re not writing/dj’ing?

The silence.

What do you do when you’re not producing music?

I’m running other music business like dboxSamples and recording, mixing tracks for other artists in my studio in north London

Tell us something about yourself we wouldn’t know to ask….

I’m a geek and a very good cook 🙂 I have this strange obsession with kitchen appliances that could make me spend money on knifes, cutlery and wine glasses. !
Traveling, eating outside and specially clothes shopping are few things I can not live without #firstworldproblems.


Show: Disc Breaks with Llupa ft. Chevy One
Date: Thursday, 3rd April 2014
Time: 0900 – 1100 UK (6-8pm here in Brisbane)

Listen: http://www.nsbradio.co.uk
Chat: http://www.nsbradio.co.uk/chat