Disc Breaks Interview – Yreane

I have a few damn cool guests coming up on the show over the next little while, so thought I’d resurrect the Disc Breaks Interview.

This week on the show we welcome back Yreane who was last on the show on 2010. The man has been doing great things – like getting signed to the mighty LOT49 – and been busy with lots of great tunes and remixes about to drop. I’ve been a fan of the man for years so it’s great to see him getting his name out there. The mix is an artist showcase made up of just his tunes and remixes and is phat.

The man answered some questions I threw at him with the full DBS Interview below – the guest mix will feature on tomorrows show.

Show: Disc Breaks with Llupa ft. Yreane
Date: Thursday, 20th March 2014
Time: 0900 – 1100 UK (7-9pm here in Brisbane)

Listen: http://www.nsbradio.co.uk
Chat: http://www.nsbradio.co.uk/chat



Yreane is a producer and DJ from Moscow. He played his sets at some huge arenas in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Spain. The same stage with Far Too Loud, Hedflux, Elite Force, Meat Katie, Colombo, Sketi, Beatman & Ludmilla, Access Denied, 4Kuba, Quadrat Beat, Teddy Killers and the others. Since 2013 Yreane is a member of LOT49 artist pool.
As a producer he’s releasing his stuff since 2008. On such labels as Ayra Recs, LOT49, XSSR Music, Kick It Recs, Scarcity and some others. Got support from so heavy monsters as Far Too Loud, Beatman & Ludmilla, Dylan Rhymes, Meat Katie, Access Denied, BETA etc.



Why breaks and what got you into it?

I have a rock background. So… when the time came to turn to some electronica I’d been listening to artists like The Prodigy, The Crystal Method and Hyper, who used a lot of guitars, rocky vocals and broken rock-like rhythms. Breaks and rock music have much more in common then the other styles. When I heard breaks I thought: “That’s it! That’s what I was looking for”. And I’ve started to search more and more in this style. I found hybridized.org with Hybrid, Way Out West, Burufunk, NuBreed mixes, Meat Katie’s Bedrock compilation and fell in love with that proggy, tech, deep sound they played. I think, my rock background and that first influence in breaks has formed my style as an electronic artist in the future.

What are your musical influences and who is exciting you musically at the moment?

My first love were The Beatles. I’ve been listening to their albums 1000 times over and over again. Then was the era of russian rock. In 1996-2002 I played a lead guitar in a rock band called ‘Institute of the Path’ 🙂 Russian rock led me into more heavy music. I like Metallica, AC/DC, Nirvana etc etc. Meanwhile I was discovering some electronica, as I was saying, through the Prodigy and Crystal Method CDs, Hyper’s ‘Wired’ compilation.

At the moment, after 3-5 years of experiments with the heavy electro sound, I’m back to the roots. That breaks of 2004-2008 I fell in love with is floating my boat these days. So I’m gaining inspiration in old works by such names as PMT, Introspective, Elite Force, Meat Katie, Evil Nine, General MIDI and many others. Glad to see some of ‘old’ heroes coming back to that sound. Meat Katie and Lee Coombs are making great new tech breaks tracks, Peter Paul wrote the whole techy album with good old sound.

And I really appreciating modern producers who’s making music like this. It was a great opening for me to hear Resonant Status album, for example. Absolutely top work. Rcaine, A:B:S, Kwerk, Too Dusty, Home Alone, Chevy One and you Llupa, of course… making great music I love and respect. Don’t forget about russian guys like Tom Clyde, Pio Beat, Freak Da Bass. And I hope it won’t be stopped.

Outside the breaks I still love good rock music. Muse, for example. Like to listen to some beautiful indie rock. But Metallica, Nirvana, Guns’N’Roses and The Beatles, of course, are still in my player from time to time.

How do you go about crafting a new tune or remix?

Usually it starts from the groove in my head. Some melody is pumping me inside. And I’m starting to remember, where I could hear it 🙂 If I don’t remember, I want to make a track out of it. And it doesn’t matter – original tune or remix. If I have to make a remix then I’m using that groove from my head with samples from the remix stems, so it turns to the remix. If I have no remix work at the moment, I’m using the groove for an original track.

Sometimes I listen to the other styles of music (non-electronic) and hear some interesting moves there. I’m thinking: “What if I play this a little faster with some huge deep bass?” I’m opening Ableton, and the result is surprising me 🙂 And here you go… I’m working on a new tune already 🙂

When you sit down to write a tune do you know how it will sound in the end or just go with whatever comes out at the time?

Oh yeah. Definetly, when I’m sitting down to write a tune, I know how it will sound in the end. But it means nothing 🙂 2-3 different moves during the production and track goes so far from the original idea that I can make already two tunes out of one idea.

But sure… there were some tunes I’ve done exactly how I planned them.

What equipment do you use and what is your favourite bit of Kit?

It’s all about soft synths and plugins for me. I’m using Ableton as a DAW. My baselines I’m creating mostly with Zebra2 synth and Moog samples. Using Massive and Sylenth for leads and pads. All processing I’m trying to do with Ableton native plugins. They are really good. But I have two favorites outside. It’s EQs and compressors from NI. I love to use ’em for the vocals and some beautiful synth. It makes them sound more velvet and warm, you know. Also love mastering tools from High Rankin. Amazing 3 presets for Ableton to make my sound more fat, round and glue.

Do you write any other genre’s of music?

Yeh, from time to time I’m helping my ex-rock-band with production. Real fun to work on it 🙂 Wanna hear?

In what direction are you heading musically and what new releases have you got in store for us?

Well, now I’m truly into tech-funk and indie dance. Broken and straight techno, some dark deep sound and of course, guitar breaks.

Recently I’ve became a resident of LOT49 label. And Mark (Meat Katie) and Marvin (Dylan Rhymes) offered me to be a LOT49 representative in Russia. As you see, I couldn’t decline 🙂 My dream came true, cause for me it’s the highest level I could reach. Sure, it’s the best label (for me) in tech-funk music. And now i’m in the team. So… it’s clear that I’ll continue to make and release techy music with LOT49 in the near future.

Some of my forthcoming stuff you can hear in my promo mix for Disc Breaks this week. It’s original ‘Too Hot For Me’, to be released on Vandal’s tech-funk compilation later this year. Expand Records will be releasing an excellent Pio Beat EP with my remix on board. It’s dark techy roller track called ‘Pio Beat – Electro Shiva (Yreane remix)’.

My another dream came true when I’ve started my remix for Hyper’s track ‘Lies’. It’s just a fantastic feeling when you’re working with your idol. 12 years ago you’re listening to his music in your car on a repeat. And now you’re remixing his track from the new album. Amazing! Track is not finished yet. It’s just a demo, but you may hear it in the end of the same Yreane’s promo mix for DBS. And let me know if you like it, haha 🙂

Also, pay attention to a couple of indie breaks remixes I’ve done. Not sure it will be released sometimes. Kinda my secret weapons 🙂 I’m talking about Autolux and Baseface remixes. Influenced by such names as Adam Freeland and PMT. With a lot of Yreane in it, of course 🙂

I have a couple of heavy rock tunes in progress. One work called ‘Never Get Me’. I’ve worked on it for more than 2 years already 🙂 And already not sure if I’ll finish it sometimes 🙂 In this tune I have Ellis Ruff on the vocals. This singer worked with Sketi, if you remember. The second one is a Pyramid inspired heavy monster. I’ve made a demo for this track, got a lyrics to be written, and now looking for a singer to finish the track with. I think it will be the last two heavy tunes from me. And then I’ll focus on tech-funk and indie breaks exclusively.

What do you think of the current state of breaks worldwide and where do you see the future?

I think the current state of breaks is very noisy 🙂 Dubstep, dirty electro, complextro and trap influences led the breaks to it’s current position. I don’t like it, to be honest. There’s almost no such sound these days we’ve started to love the breaks for. Let’s take a look at the ‘golden’ era of breaks. 2004-2009. We had clean tech sound, clean funky sound, clean baseline (!) sound. We had interesting melodies and different grooves. And what we have now? Some drilling, buzzing, swishing bass cuts in 95% of the tracks. I just can’t to differ one track from another. So… the current state of breaks is not for me, indeed.

As for the future… seeing fathers of breaks returning to the style, makes me hoping for another ‘golden’ era. And it will be my third musical dream came true if it happens 🙂

What came first the producing or the dj’ing?

As to breaks… first was the DJing. In 2005 I’ve started to make my first compilations, then bought CDJs-200 and started my Breaks Review Show on the BigBeats and then on NSB Radio.

But before that I was making music for my rock band 🙂 So… I think, I’m more into production then into DJing. Something like that.

What do you do when you’re not producing music?

I’m hanging out with my family and friends. I have a 7 y.o. daughter and 1 y.o. boy, who wants me to spend all my time with them 🙂 And I don’t mind 🙂 I like to watch some good football or hockey game. To play XBOX a little. To have some whiskey with friends and sex with my wife 😉

My second hobby – UX/UI design – turned into well payed job. And I’m managing web-site department in a Russian advertisement agency.

As you may see… nothing special 🙂


Show: Disc Breaks with Llupa ft. Yreane
Date: Thursday, 20th March 2014
Time: 0900 – 1100 UK (7-9pm here in Brisbane)

Listen: http://www.nsbradio.co.uk
Chat: http://www.nsbradio.co.uk/chat