Disc Breaks with Llupa ft. Sound Of Habib Retrospective Mix – 14th November 2013

The week on the DBS I am very honoured to be bringing you an exclusive 2 hour Retrospective Mix from Sound Of Habib celebrating the last 15 years of the label, mixed by none other than the label man himself – Johan Soh.

I am so damn happy to be able to feature this as Sound Of Habib has played a major part in shaping my sound and the sound of this radio show. SOH got me into Dan F, Beta, Mesmer, Karton to name few – and got me well on my way into the deeper breaks I still love today and I know the label has made a similar impact on many people in the scene. For the label to reach a massive milestone like 15 years is frankly amazing and a testament to the labels commitment to releasing quality and sticking to their sound, not pandering to the sound of the moment… Massive respect also to the man behind the label Johan Soh, it’s his vision the label sticks to, and the man has become a prominent and well liked figure in the global breakbeat scene. Big thanks to Johan for welcoming the request for the feature and for also being cool with taking the entire 2 hours – well, with 15 years to cover I didn’t think 1 hour would cut it…

Sound Of Habib

Presenting the Sound of Habib retrospective series

In the fall of 1998 Johan Soh started the Sound of Habib label in the offices of Sound of Habib, a successful radio show, DJ agency and – most of all – club night. The idea was to promote great breakbeat music, the style of breaks that was synonymous with the Sound of Habib events and the style of music that Johan was championing. At the time Johan was recovering from a bad break up with drum n bass and found new strength in the nu skool breaks scene. 15 years on the label is widely regarded as a beacon for quality forward thinking breakbeat based music. It has been home to so many iconic artists, tracks and remixes that it would be a shame not to try and sum up the past 15 years by remastering and re-releasing everything again.


Big shouts to Johan Soh for a brilliant 2 hour mix showcasing the best from the last 15 years of the Sound Of Habib. So many classic tunes and great to hear the newer stuff too showing that SOH hasn’t lost any of it’s claws as is still leading the way. I was away in New Zealand so sorry as the voice overs are a little dodgy… back to the live stuff next week.

Archive – Roughly 2 hours, 167MB
Direct Download Disc Breaks with Llupa ft. Sound Of Habib – 268 – 14th November 2013
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Sound Of Habib Retrospective Mix – Part 1

01. Random Source “Foo”
02. Jurassik “We should b”
03. Stisch “Beatury in me (EK vocal mix)”
04. Jariten “Truskool”
05. Karton “Can’t see”
05. Rhoca “Flax”
06. Haj & Mental “Superfatt”
07. Psilodump “Symptom”
08. Jurassik “We should b (Run Riot remix)”
09. Peo De Pitte “Underground”
10. Dan F & Jariten “Halo (Dopamine remix)”
11. Left/Right “Organizized (9b0 remix)”
12. Retroid “Supernatural (Karton remix)”
13. Sirene “Love (Terminalhead remix)”
14. Dan F “You wierdo”
15. J Hazen “700 ft (Beta remix)”
16. Blanilla “Perpetual progress”
17. Left/Right “Gangbang”

Sound Of Habib Retrospective Mix – Part 2

1. Psilodump “Gamma”
2. Beta “My culture”
3. Karton “Spacetrip82 (Beta remix)”
4. Kidd Linus “Party people (Beta remix)”
5. Karton “Mugstar”
6. Blanilla ft Kidd Linus “Apply the bass”
7. Stisch “Television popper”
8. Karton “Little creatures (Dopamine remix)”
9. J Hazen “TWTAS (601 remix)”
10. Invincible “Mean streets (Future Funk Squad remix)”
11. Karton “We bleed (Future Funk Squad remix)”
12. Karton “All you need (Mesmer remix)”
13. Mesmer “Rowlacoaster (High Eight remix)”
14. Random Source “Face like a robot (General Midi remix)”
15. Dan F “Thinking murder”
16. Karton “Sounds non stop”
17. Splitloop “Still in love”
18. Jurassik “Operator (9b0 remix)”
19. Karton “Hal’s lament”

Archive – Roughly 2 hours, 167MB
Direct Download Disc Breaks with Llupa ft. Sound Of Habib – 268 – 14th November 2013
PodcastDisc Breaks Podcast