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Andrew Wowk on The Shift

With another fortnight, comes another archive!

We were all too pleased to welcome back breaks DJ of yesteryear, and Sydney scene furniture piece, Andrew Wowk back to The M Shift fold.

The last time Andrew played for us, he presented a tasty mix of the finest percussive, drum-driven drum ‘n’ bass. This time, however, was a little different. Andrew played a style which he labelled “melodic techno”. Curious, I’m sure you are, as we were – download the archive and see for yourself! 😉

On the gig-front, I played at Sydney’s Big Day Out last week, in Boiler Room. I can comfortably say, it was one of the best experiences of my life and I should be back to do it all again next year. On that note, the set that I played in this very archive quite closely reflects the set that I played on the day.

I’ve also kicked off a “pre-club” event, two Fridays a month, called ‘SPOiLT‘, run at The Settlement Bar, in Sydney’s CBD. We’ve just launched our website, which can be visited at I’ve also slipped in the SPOiLT schedule, below. Andrew Wowk is the next scheduled guest, on 11 February.

Ryza and Def Tonez (as their Broken Stylus guise) will also be supporting Slyde at The Chinese Laundry on Friday, 11 March. That should be a cracker too!

Anyway! That’s enough chatter for this installment! As always, enjoy this archive and, as always, enjoy your stay! 😉

Brendan [Bruno] Clay

> 30th january, 2011

> Download Show

: Tracklisting:
: Bruno’s Mix:
01 : Pig & Dan & Douglas Greed – ‘Prism’ / ‘The Rollwagen Pull Over’ (Brendan Clay’s Big Day Out Edit) [CDR]
02 : Moguai, The Rogue Element & King Roc – ‘Get Fresh’ / ‘Panic Attacks’ (Brendan Clay’s Big Day Out Edit) [CDR]
03 : Wehbba & Ryo Peres – ‘El Masnou’ (Original Mix) [BluFin]
04 : Jon Rundell – ‘Don’t Loose Ya Head’ (Ali Wilson Tekelec Remix) [Rebel Records]
05 : Sebastien Gazaille – Fame (D-Unity Mix) [KULT]
06 : Moonbeam – ‘Tokyo Dragon’ (Roger Martinez Remix) [Proton Music]

: Andrew Wowk’s Mix:
07 : Chymera – ‘Sil’ (Original Mix) [Dirt Crew Recordings]
08 : Jack De Marseille – ‘Lovely’ (DJ 3000 Remix) [Motech Records]
09 : Late Nite Tuff Guy – ‘I Get Deeper’ (Original Mix) [TBot’s All Nite House Party]
10 : Samuel L Session – ‘The Funk Track’ (Original Mix) [Material]
11 : Jonas Kopp – ‘Ruda’ (Original Mix) [Curle Recordings]
12 : Bent – ‘Swollen’ (Bent Watt Dub) [Bargrooves]
13 : Claudio Mate & Roberto Bosco – ‘Abstract Land’ (Part 2) [Dpress Industries]
14 : Adam Jay – ‘Precognition’ (Original Mix) [Flavorite]
15 : Oxia & Tom Pooks – ‘Towaiost’ (Original Mix) [Terminal M]
16 : Luke Hess – ‘City Lights’ (Brian Kage’s Lights Out Remix) [Modelisme Records]

: Ryza’s Mix:
17 : JMekka Vs. Robosapiens – ‘What’s Going To Happen’ (Original Mix) [iBreaks]
18 : JDS – ‘Purple Funky Monkey’ (Electrotec Breaks Mix) [Thursday Club Recordings]
19 : Meat Katie & Elite Force – ‘Nu-Tron’ (Original Mix) [Adrift Records]
20 : Myagi – ‘Smartbomb’ (Myagi’s Laser Guided Remix) [Pop and Lock]
21 : Future Funk Squad – ‘Alien’ (The Peepshow Ownerz Remix) [En:Vision Recordings]
22 : Refunk – ‘It’s Groovy’ (Boonos Remix) [Re:Connect Recordings]

: Upcoming Schedule:
11-02 | SPOiLT with Special Guest Andrew Wowk [ Settlement Bar, Sydney CBD ]
13-02 | The M Shift [214] with Special Guest Blog Wars [ The Randy Room ]
25-02 | SPOiLT with Special Guest Mesan (Shrug Warm-Up) [ Settlement Bar, Sydney CBD ]
27-02 | The M Shift [215] with Special Guest The Audiophilez [ The Randy Room ]
11-03 | SPOiLT with Special Guest Dirty D (Symmetry) [ Settlement Bar, Sydney CBD ]
11-03 | Broken Stylus (Ryza & Def Tonez) support Slyde [ Chinese Laundry, Sydney ]
25-03 | SPOiLT with Special Guest Broken Stylus (Ryza & Def Tonez) [ Settlement Bar, Sydney CBD ]