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The M Shift [241] with Easter Sunday Pre-Record Sessions

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We sincerely hope you enjoyed your long Easter weekend – if you were lucky enough! ūüėČ

We hosted what has become a bit of an annual occasion, in our ‘Easter Sunday Pre-Record Sessions’. The show contains a selection of mixes from the likes of¬†Sideshow Rod,¬†Andy Wright,¬†Def Tonez¬†and yours truly, with a range of styles included, to boot.

The entire show was very well received by the ever-loyal chat room regulars, and we hope you enjoy it, all the same!

During this show, I also announced that the 250th episode – scheduled for later this year – will be my last. In turn, that is likely wind up the show in its current capacity.

Clearly, this hasn’t been an easy decision, but I feel we’ve had a brilliant run over the last six and a half years, made some great friends, have plenty of amazing memories, and I believe we’ve achieved everything we set out to, with this project.

As a result, we intend to go out with an absolute bang, and will be hosting the 250th show from a venue in Sydney’s CBD, probably some time in August. I intend to release all details as they become available, but I assure you it will be large!

Not to worry, though, still eight shows between now and then, and plenty of quality to come before then! ūüėČ

As always, we hope you enjoy this archive – and that you enjoy your stay! ūüėČ

Brendan [Bruno] Clay

> 8th april, 2012

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: Tracklisting:
: Bruno’s Mix:
01 :¬†Stimming – ‘Window Shopping’ (Original Mix) [Diynamic Music]
02 :¬†Mano Le Tough – ‘In My Arms’ (Original Mix) [Internasjonal]
03 :¬†Claude VonStroke – ‘Aundy’ (DJ Version) [Dirtybird]
04 :¬†Kollektiv Turmstrasse – ‘Uneins’ (Aril Brikha Remix) [Connaisseur Recordings]
05 :¬†Sierra Sam – ‘Sierralism’ (Original Mix) [Serialism Records / WAS]

: Andy Wright’s Mix:
06 :¬†NotoMash – ‘Found Soul’ (Original Mix) [Nitodrum Records]
07 :¬†Paul Loraine – ‘Wish You Were’ (Original Mix) [Vitalik Recordings]
08 :¬†Schwien – ‘Treck Een’ (Original Mix) [Klopfgeist]
09 :¬†Nadja Lind & Paul Loraine – ‘Great Mistake’ (Original Mix) [Lucidflow]
10 :¬†M.A.N.D.Y. & Adultnapper – ‘Kindling’ (John Tejada Instrumental) [Get Physical Music]
11 :¬†M.A.N.D.Y. & Adultnapper – ‘201’ (Ben Hoo Remix) [Kindisch]

: Sideshow Rod’s Mix:
12 :¬†Sublime – ‘Love Is’ (Michael Franti & Spearhead Re-Work) [CDR]
13 :¬†Jungle Brothers – ‘Beats On A String’ (Ali B’s Original No New Styles Dub) [Air Recordings]
14 :¬†Blue Boy – ‘Remember Me’ (Original Mix) [OM Records]
15 :¬†Eve – ‘Tambourine’ (Original Mix) [Aftermath Entertainment]
16 :¬†Queen – ‘Fat Booty Girls’ (Nick Thayer Remix) [CDR]
17 :¬†Beat Vandals & Mooquee – ‘See Mice Elf’ (Original Mix) [CDR]
18 :¬†Beat Vandals & Mooquee – ‘Back Up’ (Original Mix) [CDR]
19 :¬†Basement Freaks ft. The Root Sellers – ‘Here Comes Our Dilla’ (Stickybuds Remix) [Bombastic Jam]
20 :¬†Krafty Kuts & A Skillz – ‘Ain’t It Funky’ (Fort Knox Five Mix) [Fort Knox Recordings]
21 :¬†Fatboy Slim – ‘Praise You’ (Original Mix) [Skint Records]
22 :¬†C&C Music Factory – ‘Here We Go’ (Original Mix) [Columbia]
23 :¬†Lady Sovereign ft. Missy Elliot – ‘Love Me Or Hate Me’ (Remix) [Midget Records]
24 :¬†Jpod – ‘Bootleg’ [CDR]

: Def Tonez’ Mix:
25 :¬†Chris Luvvly – ‘Amen’ (Rel1 Re-Edit) [CDR]
26 :¬†Deekline & Ed Solo – ‘Shake The Pressure’ (Marten Horger Remix) [Central Station Records]
27 :¬†Geon – ‘Like Dis!’ (Breaking News Remix) [Straight Up!]
28 :¬†Def Tonez – ‘Krafty Rascal’ (Def Tonez Blend) [CDR]
29 :¬†Deekline & Ed Solo ft. Sporty-O – ‘Hay Mr DJ’ (Keith Mackenzie & DJ Fixx Remix) [Rat Records UK]
30 :¬†MC Shy D & Micky Nightrain – ‘I Bass U’ (DJ Fixx & Ill DJ Chris B Remix) [Rat Records UK]
31 :¬†Sue Chow & Whiskey Pete – ‘Get Ill’ (Keith Mackenzie & DJ Fixx Original Mix) [Illeven Eleven]
32 :¬†Def Tonez – ‘Coma Cat Dance’ (Def Tonez Blend) [CDR]
33 :¬†Deekline & Dustin Hulton – ‘I Like Girls’ (Baymont Bross Remix) [Rat Records UK]
34 :¬†Josh Chambers – ‘Ghetto Punk’ (Original Mix) [Toast & Jam]
35 :¬†Synthetic Hype – ‘Jumper’ (Original Mix) [Diablo Loco]

: Upcoming Schedule:
22-04 : The M Shift [242] with Def Tonez [ TBA ]
06-05 : The M Shift [243] with Special Guest Karl Sav [ The Randy Room ]
20-05 : The M Shift [244] with SPOiLT DNB [ The Randy Room ]
03-06 : The M Shift [245] with Special Guest Audio Tsunami [ The Randy Room ]
17-06 : The M Shift [246] with Special Guest James Warren [ The Randy Room ]