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The M Shift [246] with Special Guest James Warren

We’re straight into another week, and with that, another nice early archive!

The show from yesterday afternoon welcomed back a good friend of ours, James Warren, who has been a very loyal guest for The M Shift over the years.

As with every single other offering from Dr. Warren, he absolutely did not disappoint, playing a range of tunes on the progressive, tech. breaks tip – with a few classics to boot!

Ryza – who returned to The Randy Room for the first time in a while – and I contributed with a selection of breaks from nowadays and years by gone! ūüôā

You’ll also have to excuse my voice on this occasion, as I was coming off a week-long flu.

Whatever the case, though, we sincerely hope you enjoy this listen – and enjoy your stay! ūüėČ

Hope to see you in a fortnight for the Mesmer show!

Brendan [Bruno] Clay

> 17th june, 2012

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: Tracklisting:
: Bruno’s Mix:
01 :¬†Mad Arps – ‘Slow It Down’ (Chable’s It Broke Mix) [Trojan]
02 :¬†Ozgur Can – ‘Irony’ (Probspot Break A Leg Mix) [Lost Language]
03 :¬†Beber & Tamra – ‘You Wonder’ (Starecase Vocal Remix) [Mob]
04 :¬†Steve May – ‘Open Day’ (Luke Chable Quakes And Craters Mix) [EQ Grey]

: James Warren’s Mix:
05 :¬†Son Of A Beat – ‘Disconnected’ (Original Mix) [Iboga Mexico]
06 :¬†Douglas Howarth – ‘Sliced Bread In Serious Trouble’ (Clandestine Remix) [Morphosis]
07 :¬†Tony Awake – ‘Thank You’ (Original Mix) [Ocean Drive]
08 :¬†Nathaniel Ecko – ‘Alchemist’ (Fretwell Remix) [DSUK]
09 :¬†Stefan Anion & Starfire Vs. Orbital – ‘Inferior Chimes’ (Hybrid Remix) [CDR]
10 :¬†Coalesced – ‘Minor Miracle’ (Original Mix) [CDR]
11 :¬†Hybrid – ‘Until Tomorrow’ (Stefan Anion & Starfire’s Surviving Another Day Mix) [Distinctive Records]
12 :¬†Paul Thomas – ‘Buzz Killington’ (Funkagenda Remix) [Funk Farm]
13 :¬†Aeron Aether & Retroid ft. Simon Latham – ‘The Story Goes’ (Retroid Mix) [Morphosis]

: Ryza’s Mix:
14 :¬†Paul Reset – ‘Wake Up’ (AMB Remix) [CDR]
15 :¬†Lee Coombs & Elite Force – ‘Right Side Of Wrong’ (Original Mix) [CDR]
16 :¬†Elite Force – ‘White Lightning’ (Retroid Rumble Rod Mix) [CDR]
17 :¬†Stanton Warriors ft. Sway – ‘Get Em High’ (Album Version) [Punks]
18 :¬†Karton – ‘Spacetrip 82’ (Beta Remix) [Sound Of Habib]
19 :¬†Future Funk Squad – ‘Alien’ (R3volve Remix) [En:Vision Recordings]

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