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The M Shift Turns 6 [234] with Special Guests D-Funk, Def Tonez, Tony Why, Toddy Trix, Duke Von & Andy Wright

Welcome to 2012, all. Yes, it’s quite a late greeting – but better late than never, I suppose! ūüėČ

We have¬†just¬†made available the epic, final show of last year – our 6th Birthday show – which was hosted live from¬†Duke’s Lounge, in Randwick.

The four-hour show featured live sets from D-Funk, Def Tonez, Tony Why, Toddy Trix, Duke Von, Andy Wright and myself.

Our sincerest apologies for the delay however; we feel that the quality of this show is certainly worth the wait – and you have four hours to sink your teeth into now! ūüėČ

We’ll have the archive of the first show of 2012 coming up shortly, too. So, watch this space.

Furthermore, we’ve almost finalised the show schedule for the entire first quarter of 2012, so we assure you that the quality will continue. Check the schedule below.

As always, enjoy this archive, and enjoy your stay! ūüėČ

Brendan [Bruno] Clay

> 18th december, 2011

> Download Part One

> Download Part Two

: Tracklisting:
: Andy Wright’s Mix:
01 :¬†Silicone Soul – ‘Dub4Toots’ (Original Mix) [Soma Records]
02 :¬†Phaeleh – ‘Soundmouse’ (Original Mix) [Afterglo]
03 :¬†Phaeleh – ‘Think About It’ (Original Mix) [Afterglo]
04 :¬†Phaeleh – ‘Plateau’ (Original Mix’ (Original Mix) [Afterglo]
05 :¬†Uncle Sam ft. Tiiu – ‘Under The Dancing Feet’ (Tes La Rock Remix) [Argon Records]
06 :¬†Von D – ‘Truth’ (Tes La Rok Remix) [Black Acre Records]
07 :¬†DJ Rum – ‘Undercoat’ (Original Mix) [2nd Drop Records]
08 :¬†Pinch – ‘Teleportation’ (Original Mix) [Planet Mu]
09 :¬†Emika – ‘Double Edge’ (Pinch Remix) [Ninja Tune]
10 :¬†Kryptic Minds – ‘768’ (Original Mix) [Tectonic]

: Duke Von’s Mix:
11 :¬†Tits & Clits – ‘Fist Of Steel’ (MALO Remix) [Electrico Records]
12 :¬†Fast Foot ft. Music Instructor – ‘Perfect Paganini’ (Club Version) [CDR]
13 :¬†Wang Lin – ‘Injury Can Not Afford’ (DJ Mix 2011) [CDR]
14 :¬†Sergio Fernandez – ‘El Son Te Llama’ (Original Mix) [Spinnin’ Records]
15 :¬†Beats Addict & C&C Music Factor – ‘Keep It Comin” (Luccio Loose Control Remix) [Ibiza Night Records]
16 :¬†Fragma – ‘Toca’s Miracle’ (Vandalism Remix) [Tiger Records]
17 :¬†Nightshifterz Vs. Marik – ‘Touch Me (All Night Long) (Max Farenthide Club Remix) [Clubtronics]
18 :¬†Pharmacy Of Sound – ‘2 Worlds’ (Original Mix) [GK Records]
19 :¬†Swanky Tunes – ‘Equilibrium’ (Harry Choo Choo Romero Remix) [Big Love]
20 :¬†Cold Blue – ‘Mount Everest’ (Original Mix) [Anjunabeats]

: D-Funk’s Mix:
21 :¬†D-Funk – ‘Intro’ [CDR]
22 :¬†Tipper – ‘Ton Of Bricks’ (Original Mix) [Tippermusic]
23 :¬†Jurassik 5 – ‘Linguistics’ (D-Funk Acapella) [CDR]
24 :¬†Ray Charles – ‘What I’d Say’ (Bobby C Sound Mix) [CDR]
25 :¬†D-Funk – ‘International Flava’ (Original Mix) [CDR]
26 :¬†Slynk – ‘Boomin” (Original Mix) [CDR]
27 :¬†Young M.C. – ‘Bust A Move’ (Stickybuds Mix) [CDR]
28 :¬†Neon Steve – ‘Flipped The Script’ (Original Mix) [Bomb Strikes]
29 :¬†Steve Velocity – ‘It’s On Tonight’ (D-Funk’s Ghetto Glitch Mix) [CDR]
30 :¬†D-Funk – ‘Untitled’ (Original Mix) [CDR]
31 :¬†Stanton Warriors – ‘Get Up’ (D-Funk’s Damm Those Deadlines Mix) [CDR]
32 :¬†CMC & Silenta – ‘Get It On Now’ (D-Funk Mix) [CDR]

: Tony Why & Toddy Trix’s Mix:
33 :¬†A-Skillz & Kraft Kuts ft. Kurtis Blow – ‘Gimme The Breaks’ (Original Mix) [Finger Lickin’ Records]
34 :¬†Totalcult – ‘Dynamite Lady’ (Original Mix) [CDR]
35 :¬†Chicken Lips – ‘He Not In’ (Stanton Warriors Remix) [Azuli]
36 :¬†Nero – ‘Promises’ (Philly Blunt Remix) [CDR]
37 :¬†Aloe Blacc – ‘I Need A Dollar’ (Zinc Remix – Mooqee Rub Up) [CDR]
38 :¬†Destroyers – ‘Weird Day’ (Guau Remix) [Elektroshok Records]
39 :¬†Access Denied – ‘Black’ (Original Mix) [Ayra Recordings]
40 :¬†DJ Magic Make ft. Press Box – ‘We On’ (Original Mix) [Elektro Aktive Musuc]
41 :¬†Buzzwak – ‘Mumbling Music’ (Access Denied Remix) [R3gma Recording]
42 :¬†Vovking – ‘Stimulator’ (Original Mix) [Toastclub Recordings]
43 :¬†Curtis B ft. KillNM – ‘Step Back’ (Breaks Mix) [Drop The World]

: Def Tonez’ Mix:
44 :¬†Coloursound – ‘Fly With Me’ (Giac Le Groove Mix) [Great Stuff Recordings]
45 :¬†Drumattic Twins – ‘Crazy In Love’ (Peo De Pitte Remix) [Finger Lickin’ Records]
46 :¬†Ed Solo, Deekline & Tim Healey – ‘Take It Ezy’ (Breaks Mix) [Giant Pussy Records]
47 :¬†Slybeats – ‘Move Your Body’ (Original Mix) [Booty Breaks UK]
48 :¬†Beat Assasins – ‘Generation MTV’ (Full Vocal Mix) [Mofo Recordings]
49 :¬†Crackerz & Jam – ‘Hold On’ (Datadex Remix) [Upstart Music]
50 :¬†Jack Beats – ‘Out Of Body’ (DJ Hero Re-Rub) [CDR]
51 :¬†Karl Sav – ‘No Doubt’ (Original Mix) [Re:Connect Recordings]
52 :¬†Krafty Kuts & Dynamite MC – ‘Pounding’ (Deekline Remix) [Instant Vibes]
53 :¬†Slyde – ‘Move Ya Body’ (Original Mix) [Hot Cakes]
54 :¬†Stanton Warriors – ‘Get Wild’ (Stanton’s Bounce Mix) [Punks]
55 :¬†Ed Solo, Deekline & DJ Assault – ‘Gimmie’ (Original Mix) [Rat Records UK]
56 :¬†Splitloop – ‘I Want You’ (Original Mix) [Against The Grain]
57 :¬†Defkline & Red Polo – ‘Felix Hustle’ (Breaks Mix) [Hot Cakes]

: Bruno’s Mix:
58 :¬†Soldiers Of Fortune – ‘Finding Feet’ (Original Mix) [CDR]
59 :¬†Incident – ‘An Evening With Her’ (Original Mix) [Fokuz Limited]
60 :¬†Lomax & Autumn – ‘It’s Always About The Girl’ (Original Mix) [Fokuz Recordings]
61 :¬†Nu:Tone – ‘Balaclava In My System’ (Original Mix) [Hospital Records]
62 :¬†Netsky ft. Jenna G – ‘Moving With You’ (Original Mix) [Hospital Records]
63 :¬†Fred V ‚Äď ‘Simple Beginnings’ (Original Mix) [Hospital Records]
64 :¬†Komatic – ‘Now She’s Free’ (Technicolour Remix) [Bassdrivemusic]
65 :¬†Calibre ‚Äď ‘Hummer’ (Original Mix) [Samurai Music]
66 :¬†Technicolour & Komactic – ‘Daydreamer’ (Original Mix) [Technique Recordings]
67 :¬†Bcee ‚Äď ‘Captured In Time’ (Original Mix) [Spearhead Records]
68 :¬†High Contrast – ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’ (Original Mix) [Hospital Records]
69 :¬†Laidback Luke & Robin S. – ‘Show Me Love’ (High Contrast Remix) [CDR]

: Upcoming / Schedule:
29-01 : The M Shift [236] with Sydney Breaks Special Рwith Ryza & Def Tonez [ Location TBA ]
12-02 : The M Shift [237] with JPL [ Location TBA ]
26-02 : The M Shift [238] with Special Guest Andy Wright [ The Randy Room
11-03 : The M Shift [239] with Special Guest TBC [ Location TBA ]
25-03 : The M Shift [240] with Special Guest Afrowhitie [ The Randy Room ]