HKPP – Beating The Crates 20.10.12

Well that was quite a weekend, genuinely all round nice guys Busta & Timothy Wisdom destroyed HKPP with their debut live show, joined us live in the studio the next day for ‘Beating The Crates’ and then made a cameo appearance during our set at ‘Funk From The Trunk XXL‘ at In:Motion, much fun was had, great to see so many friends and make so many new ones… we love all your balls! xx

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01: Harvey K Tel – Babylon Bop
02: Dub Pistols – Ganja (Nice Up! Remix)
03: Rench – Up From Low (Jpod Remix)
04: K Theory – Warrior
05: K More – Ride With Me (Blend Mishkin Remix)
06: Dj Tzinas ft Bass Nacho – Rain Drop (Deadly Warrior) Jazz K Lipa
07: Spragga Benz ft Nas – This Is The Way (Dj Wood Remix)
08: Blunt Instrument – Sway
09: DJ Maars – Loose Juice
10: Nynfus Corp – Mamorez

**Timothy Wisdom Take Over!**

01: Timothy Wisdom – Def With The Record
02: Habstrakt – Get Funky
03: The Mavrik – Droppin it Phat
04: Snoop Dogg – Gz n Huslas (Saeg Pimp Mix)
05: Nishin Verdiano & AK9 – Sun Goes Down (Timothy Wisdom Edit)
06: Kill Paris – Keep Your Secrets
07: Kill Paris – Do You Nedd Someone
08: Timothy Wisdom – The Fade
09: Timothy Wisdom – The Eyes Never Lie
10: Timothy Wisdom vs Liquid Stranger – True Skool BhangHop
11: Timothy Wisdom – Represent The Real
12: Timothy Wisdom – Drillin Ribs
13: Timothy Wisdom – I Want Out
14: Timothy Wisdom – Crossroads
15: Kool Hertz – Clap Yo Hands (Timothy Wisdom Edit0

**Busta Takedown!**

01: JPOD & Busta – One
02: Emalkay – Fabrication (Craze Edit)
03: SES – If I was Invisible
04: Stevie Wonder – Sir Duke (JPOD Remix)
05: Deekline – Party Party (JFB Remix/Busta 110 Edit)
06: AGFA – Throwdown Feat. Thinktank (Busta Remix)
07: Basement Freaks – Lets Get it Started (Busta Remix)
08: JPOD & Shamik – Vibes Alive (AGFA Remix)
09: Timothy Wisdom & Busta – Home
10: The Black Keys – Tighten Up (Fort Knox Remint)
11: AGFA – I Don’t Care if it’s Your Birthday
12: Fort Knox Five: Once Again
13: Fort Knox Five – Not Gonna Take it