HKPP – Beating The Crates 31.10.11

Just Morphosis again ‘Beating The Crates’ in a Hong Kong Ping Pong Styleeeeee!!! Fat Harry is still broken, so more big love and get well soon vibes going out to him! On the upside this weeks show features a guest mix from the other 1/3 of HKPP Mr. Spinforth, recorded live at Durty Discos 1st Birthday at the end of last month. It can be downloaded from his soundcloud account HERE

The ‘Best Alternative NSB Show’ broadcast live on the Breakspoll Award Winning

All the shows are available to download from the NSB Radio Archives


01: Mashed Up Funk – High Nights
02: Del Gazeebo – Shimmy to Me (Remastered)
03: Palov Mishkin – Re-De-Troit
04: Jinx In Dub – Traffic Jammin’
05: Sono Rhizmo – Barbwire
06: 7quidstudio – Shake That Thing
07: Flux Pavilion – Got To Know (Some Dj Rerub)
08: Love & Light – The Light We Bring
09: Imagination & Missy Elliot – Gotta Keep Workin’ It (Greg Wilson Mash-up)

**Spinforth’s Durty Disco 1st Birthday Set 30/09/11**

01. Jpod – Particle Path (Blunt Instrument remix)
02. Krafty Kuts – We Do This (feat Dynamite MC)
03. William Breakspear – Skydive (K+Lab remix)
04. Featurecast – Oh My God
05. J-Roc – Rock The Funk
06. Tim McVicar – Lady Mad On Her
07. B-Side – All The Girls
08. Marlena Shaw – California soul (A.Skillz Remix)
09. Dandy Warhols – Not if You WereThe Last Junkie (Blunt Instrument Bootleg)
10. DJP – Sugarhill Thing
11. Featurecast – Ike’s School
12. Livingstone & Canosis – Uptown Top Rankin
13. Grandmaster Flash – The Message (DJ Soo remix)
14. Basement Freaks – Symphony Of The Devil
15. Enzo Siffredi – G Swing (Basement Freaks Remix)
16. Wick-it the Instigator – Warehouse Party
17. White Stripes – Hardest Button (Blunt-Instrument-Remix)
18. WTF & Dead Prez – Its Bigger Than Hip Hop UK (full vocal mix explicit)

**Guest Mix Finishes**

10: The Adults – Nothing To Lose. (K Lab Remix)
11: Nynfus Corp feat. Hanzee – Last Episode
12: Jazz K Lipa – Follow The Bouncing Bass (DJ Wood remix)
13: Micheal Jackson – Blood on the Dancefloor (Neighbour Acid Mix)
14: George Benson – Give Me The Night (Del Gazeebo’s Acid Bump)
15: AC Slater – Hello (Neon Steve Remix)
16: Tonic – Smack!
17: Tom Drummond – Aw Yeah! (Usher vs. Herbie Hancock)
18: Hong Kong Ping Pong – Ghettobusters