JPrime Guest Mix Monday, October 1st 11p-1a gmt


Greetings fellow breakers. Be sure to tune into LazyBoy‘s BreakInReality this coming Monday, October 1st for a special guest mix from the one and only JPRIME!!!

“Hi my name is Jprime. I’m a breaks/hiphop/scratch DJ from Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. I began with a love for old skool hip hop, funk, and turntablism inspired by such DJ’s as Q-Bert, Babu, Cut Chemist, and DJ Shadow. My sound reflects that today as I lace breakbeats with dashes of scratch flavour and hip hop. I enjoy long walks in the forest accompanied with a good quality beer and do not say no to some good quality premium vodka.”

LazyBoy’s BreakInReality airs Mondays from 11pm-1am GMT