JuiceBox Radio 6

Hi guys, here is the archive of my show broadcast on 24th March as part of Juicebox radio on NSB. To start with there is a mix from myself bringing you everything from techno to old skool breaks. Also, I am pleased to be joined this month by Jusme aka Juile Ann Murphy bring us a mix of breaks and dubstep. Keep it tech funk baby!

SOUNDCLOUD: http://soundcloud.com/juiceboxradio/juicebox-6
DOWNLOAD: http://soundcloud.com/juiceboxradio/juicebox-6/download


1.X-Press 2 / Ils – Smoke Machine (Burnski Remix) (Sample) / (Unknown)
2. Hexstatic – Newaves
3. Oli Brand / Emanuel Kosh – Clone / Make My Music (Sample)
4. Fatboy Slim and Herve – Machine Can Do the Work (Joris Voorn Does The Work Remix)
5. Felix Luker – Dark Shades
6. Digitalis – I Make Beats (EK Remix)
7. Bryan Jones – Space Cake (Lee Mortimer Remix)
8. Oliver Twist – Gangsterdam
9. Kultur – Nothing Can Stop Us
10. Denis Underground – Nice Evil
11. Dylan Rhymes – Crunched
12. Amirah – Chasing Shadows (Elite Force Remix)
13. BSD / The Loops Of Fury – Phantasmagoris / Pump Up (Sample)
14. Ruby Goe – Beat Breaking Boy (Stanton Warriors Remix)
15. Noisia – Alpha Centauri (Elite Force Revamp)
16. Meat Katie – Lucia (Mateo Murphy Remix)
17. Faithless – Music Matters Feat. Cass Fox (Axwell Remix)
18. Lee Coombs – Italo Disco (Maelstrom FR Remix)
19. Black Sushi – A Bas La Hype (Rioter No.1 Remix)
20. Utku S – Fresh Back
21. Adam Freeland – Cherish (Ils Remix)


Across The Sky – Space Cowboy (Ju’s Yolo Mix)
Got To Know – Nero
Innocence – Nero
Power – Skism
Burning Up – Peo De Pitte (Torqux & Twist Remix)
Cracks – Freestylers (Ctrl Z Remix)
Burning Up – Peo De Pitte
Bizarre Is Beautiful – Meat Katie
4 The White Night – Christain J
Breakers Revenge – Drummattic Twins
Expander – Peo De Pitte
He Not In – Vandalism Remix
Get Up – Stanton Warriors