Old City Breaks guest – Play Moore – 3rd Jan 23:00 gmt

Greetings NSB Radio massive! To kick off the new year I am pleased to announce a special guest dj/producer coming to do some mixing at NSB Radio studio Z on the Old City Breaks w MrGreen show. On January 3, 2013, Play Moore formerly known as J2K, a personal friend of mine, and a dj that I’ve followed throughout the years, is coming over to rip up the airwaves. from breaks to electrohouse, he has production to cater to any electronic music fan. Check out his releases on Kick It Recordings, Breakz R Boss, Sound Perfect Breakz records, and keep your eyes peeled for up coming tracks on Pooty Club Records!


Old City Breaks w mrGreen airs every 1st,2nd, 3rd thursday of each month, from 11pm-1am gmt (6-8pm est)

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