Queensyze & JFB on Broken Racket on NSB Radio

Broken Racket on NSB Radio ft. JFB, JD13 & Queensyze
JFB touched down for his latest North American tour last month and smashed up venues all across the land of the land of the midnight sun.  Upon request of the birthday boy Carlos Vendetta, the Prince Of England (ask JFB about this story from another Canadian tour) made a stop in East Vancouver at JD13‘s place for some perfectly cooked steaks and personalized drunkenly recorded video instructions on how to make the best steak.  Before JFB was fed that night, he was summoned to take over the airwaves and play a special set on JD13‘s radio show Broken Racket on NSB Radio. He says the steak was worth the forced labor and he would come back and DJ for steaks any time.

Special guest Queensyze from Vancouver was also in the studio that night and she opens up the show with a special blend of her own Drum & Bass productions. For more of her tunes check out her soundcloud.  JFB takes it over for the second half of the show.  We were lucky enough to get him right before the release of his new album, so he has some vey short clips of some of his new tunes in this set.  It’s also filled with full sweet tunes, dope cuts, and a couple scratch routines. JD13 closes it up with a few tunes at the end. This one is a proper show full of bangers to get you pumped up, so get on that free download!

Special thanks to Father Funk for the graphic design work on the image above.