Return of the Kat – NEW SHOW: Chump N Hounds

Chump N Hounds Featuring AliKatI’m returning to the NSB Radio airwaves with a new show, Chump N Hounds. This has been a long time coming folks, and I gotta say, feels great to be back on a weekly basis. Chump N Hounds will be broadcasting on Fridays, at my local time here in Vancouver, CA from 11PM to 1AM. If you’re in the UK, the time will be Saturdays 7AM – 9AM. A bit early for you english chaps, but something tells me I’ll be running into a few of you in the chat.

In light of my new show, I’ve resurrected my old podcast. I will update this post to include the url once it’s been approved by iTunes. Until then you can visit my website: to find the latest episode, a cover session broadcast May 7, 2012.

I’m super excited to be back, and hope to see you all in the chatroom soon!