The rejectbeats Show ft. REL1

If you missed last weeks show featuring the awesome REL1 in the guest mix with Danny Reject & Kimpossible,  fear not! The archive can be downloaded here… and you can listen again here…

Here’s the track listing…

Baymont Bross & Mutantbreakz – Drop the Bass (Nogiard Remix)
Sue Cho & Whiskey Pete – Holla If You See Me (Gustolab vs. Keith MacKenzie & DJ Fixx remix)
DJ Hero – Juno Truck
Future Funk Squad ft. Mojo – Bring This On (Curtis B remix)
Warrior One – Lords of Bashy (Foamo remix – Stereofreakz re-rub)
Wanda Jackson – Whirlpool (Dawn Horns remix)
Viro & Rob Analyze – WannuB (Plump DJs remix)
Peo De Pitte – Burning Up
Rogue Element – Breathe (SSRI re-rub)
Underhill – Blind (Balkansky remix)
Pixel Fist – Our Sound
Afghan Headspin – Acid Signal
Conectivers & Bikto – The Quarantine (ViperX remix)
Refracture – Hate On This
Farace – Move On (Access Denied remix)

REL1 in the guest mix
Hot Pink Delorean – To Be Continued (REL1 re-lick)
Hirshee ft. Sue Sho – Always Tomorrow (REL1 re-lick)
Skrillex – Rock & Roll Will Take You To The Mountain (REL1 re-lick)
Together Hardcore Uproar – Take Back (Lee Mortimer remix – REL1 re-lick)
Peo De Pitte vs. Torqux & Twist – Burning Up (REL1 mashup re-dub)
Calvertron & Tim Healey vs. Dirtyloud – Rock It, Roll It (REL 1 re-dub)
Motorcycles – As The Rush Comes (DJ Kue remix – REL1 re-lick)
Metzo – Get Over It (Alex Mind instrumental mix – REL1 re-lick)
DJ Maxsie & Alex Spencer – Hey Yo (Darth Vader remix – REL1 re-lick)
Tim Healey & Marc Adamo – Move (Dirtyload remix – REL1 re-lick)
Perfect Cell & Darth Vader – Cellbacca (REL1 re-lick)
Deadmau5 & Wolfgang Gartner vs. Dylan Sanders – Animal Rights (REL1 re-lick)
Porter Robinson – The Wildcat (Lazy Rich remix – REL1 re-lick)
Total Recall – Juggernaut (REL1 re-lick)
Skrillex vs. Noisa – Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites (REL1 re-lick)
Perfect Cell – Straight Up Music (Darth & Vader remix – REL1 re-lick)
Utku S – Equilibrium (Alex Mind remix – REL1 re-lick)
Freefire – Dataloss (Darth & Vader remix – REL1 re-lick)

Sixth Letter – Glass

You can listen to The rejectbeats Show live on NSB Radio every Thursday between 7 & 9PM UK time! Cheers for your ears 🙂