The rejectbeats Show ft. Rory Hoy

The play back for The rejectbeats Show with Danny Reject & Kimpossible, plus a big beatastic guest mix from Rory Hoy is now online! Download it here… & listen again here…

Here’s The track listing…

Baymont Bross ft. Ray N Pro – Twisted Metal (Keith Mackenzie vs Dj Fixx 808 remix)
Aquasky ft. Ragga Twins – Living Legends
E.R.G. – Yamato
Kyle Cross – Records You Play (Vize remix)
BSD – Phantasmagoria
Domino vs. Edit Undo – Hi Tide (Redux remix)
Jakal & Kris Meja – Kreuzberg (Vandal remix)
Peo De Pitte vs Torqux & Twist – Burning Up (REL1 re-dub)
Hostage, Calvertron vs. Attic Kings – Mochachos (REL1 re-dub)
Elastic Fish – Bad Habbit (Sketi remix)
Hyper – The End (Beatman & Ludmilla remix)
Bill Posters – Hold On (Aquasky remix)
Sporty-O – Guestlist (Code D mix)
Parker vs. Muse – Knights of Cydonia

Rory Hoy guest mix…

Scanty Sandwich – Slam Dunk
Wildchild – Renegade Master (Fatboy Slim Old Skool Remix)
Pipi Le Oui – Funky Bus
DJ Kue Featuring Whisky Pete – Disco Shit (Cut La Roc Re-Edit)
Big M Bootie – Watchtower
Rory Hoy – Feel Tha Phunk
Ceasefire VS Deadly Avenger – Evil Knievel
Mick & Marc – Breaking Walzer (RamSkank Remix)
Big Daddy Kane – Raw (Stanton Warriors Remix)
Tzant – Sounds Of Wickedness (Niko & Lyalls 4am Mix)
DJ B-Side – Bomb Slippy (Breaks Edit)
Phantom Lord – Ghosts ‘N’ Acid
Timmy Schumacher – Bring Back Big Beat
Fatboy Slim – Going Out Of My Head
Freddy Fresh VS Fatboy Slim – Badder Badder Schwing
Natural Born Chillers – Rock The Funky Beats
Marlon Sea – Disco Del Mar
Porky Pig – That’s All Folks!

Rory Hoy – On The Floor (1 2 3 4)

You can listen to The rejectbeats Show live on NSB Radio every Thursday between 7 & 9PM UK time! For more info on rejectbeats click here…

Cheers for your ears