Vote Morphosis as Cornwall Dj of 2010


One of NSBs longest serving Djs is once again in the running to be crowned as Littlesouth.coms Cornwall Dj of 2010 so if you’ve ever tuned in to the award winning ‘Beating The Crates’ (mondays 1 til 3pm GMT) or Simian Sounds (fridays 1 til 3pm GMT) and enjoyed what you heard why not help top off what has been one of Morphosis’ best years to date.

If you’re not aware of do check it out, and check out  the podcast series, 10,000+ subscriptions can’t be wrong.

The voting this year opens on December 1st and will run throughout the month until midday on New Year’s Eve

Voting is really simple and very quick: VOTE HERE

Thanks in advance and here’s to a blinding 2011, love your balls. xx