NotQyteNeo – The sad and untimely death of an NSB regular

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of one our chat room regulars – NotQyteNeo – otherwise known as Steve (Steven) Kemper.

A long time listener and supporter of NSB Radio, NotQyteNeo started hosting his own show on NSB Radio in 2019, taking over the Friday night GMT slot with his show “Give the DJ a Break”.

As our chat room is a mostly anonymous place, no-one gave thought to his whereabouts during the last few weeks. Only with his passing and contact from his family did I personally find out his real name and the news of the event and be able to share this to the community.

Without NotQyteNeo NSB Radio would probably no longer exist

Learning his real name, I searched my NSB emails. It turns out that NotQyteNeo was a big supporter of NSB Radio -donating almost anonymously for many years, and during 2015-2016, when NSB was hit with a lot of bills, his donations made a big difference – to the point where I genuinely don’t think we would have survived that period without his donations. At the time, we never knew where that money came from – he never mentioned it, never asked for anything. So if you appreciate NSB as it is today, you should raise a glass in honour of NotQyteNeo.

We were are all friends of Steve through the NSB chat room, and we personally talked regularly. Everyone at NSB Radio is really shocked by his passing. We all send condolences to his family.

You can leave a comment on his Facebook for Steve and his family.

His most recent radio show from just a month ago: