NSB Radio Show Spotlight – Bass Reflections

Back again with another instalment of the NSB Radio show spotlight, this time we focus in on the crew behind the Bass Reflections  show

Bass Reflections

Who are you, what is your show and from where in the world do you broadcast?
We are Bass Reflections.  We run a digital label based out of New Smyrna Beach, Florida USA.  The label is managed by myself, Chris with the support of my wife Katie.  We specialize in Breakbeat but also play / release Dubstep, Drum & Bass, and Electro.  Our show is “The Bass Reflections Show” which is exclusive to NSB Radio.  We stream live every saturday from 5-7pm GMT.

What prompted you to start doing your show and how long have you been on NSB Radio?
We started doing the show because we really wanted to give people the chance to hear the releases coming out on our label.  We really push hard to put out quality releases that everyone can enjoy listening too.  A lot of our releases are from up and coming artists and we take pride in being able to help these groups have their music discovered.

What can listeners expect when they tune in?
It’s really pretty straight forward with us.  About an hour of the latest Breaks tunes, 10 or 20 minutes of dubstep / dnb, and another 40 minutes of Breaks.  We like to take a small intermission and play some of our favorite tunes that aren’t breaks in the middle of the show.  As far as our breaks selection go, we play it all.

If we’ve missed the show live, where can we can grab an archive?
You can catch all our shows and promo mixes @ www.bassreflections.com under the downloads section

How did you get into breaks?
I have been DJ’ing for about 12 years now, producing for maybe 7 years off and on.  First time I heard breaks was in the club scene in Florida and I’ve been hooked ever since.  I really like the energy in breakbeat and the diversity compared to other genre’s.

What would your top 10 tunes be right now?
This is a tough one but I’ll go over some of our favorites…

– Aggresivnes – Partigians
– BreakZhead – Disposis (Aggresivnes & FactorFunk Remix) [Digital Senstation]
– Freerange DJs – Drop That Beat [Ape Music]
– DJ Hook – Downfall [Bass Reflections]
– Mindflow – Switched (Cutline Remix) [Never Say Die]
– Pyramid – Hurry [Funkatech]
– Access Denied – Autostop [iBreaks]
– Shapeshifter – Dutchies (State Of Mind Remix) [Hospital Records]
– Pendulum – Set Me On Fire [Warner Music Group]
– Woottsy – If I Died (Mars Remix)  [Bass Reflections]

A lot of these tunes are in our promo from last month.  You can get it for free at:

Do you play out and if so where?
I only play out on special occasions anymore.  The wife and I are looking forward to starting a family soon and only special gigs catch my eyes anymore.  You can be sure if the right gig comes along all the details will be on our website.

Where can peeps find out more about you?
Our website really has a lot of info about our upcoming releases / gigs / promos / everything. It also has links to all our social networking stuff. So go check it out: www.bassreflections.com

You can tune into award winning NSB Radio, bringing you the best breakbeat 24/7, at www.nsbradio.co.uk