NSB Radio Show Spotlight – Stable Frequencies

For this installment of the NSB Radio Show Spotlight we cross to the other side of the planet to the UK and have a chat to the Wax Equestrian – the man behind Stable Frequencies.

Who are you, what is your show and from where in the world do you broadcast?
I dj as ‘Wax equestriaN’, which in my mind , was basically a clever piss-take of the term ‘Disc Jockey’ (although i do play a lot of cds therse days). My show is the Stable Frequencies show, which is every 2nd and 4th Tuesday night from 11pm til 1am. I broadcast from home, a few miles south west of London

What prompted you to start doing your show and how long have you been on NSB Radio?
When i joined the NSB forum, it was the forum itself at the time that made me want to get more involved. I’ve been playing on NSB radio since sometime in 2005, used to do every tuesday night, but my job got in the way too much, so had to drop it down to bi-monthly

What can listeners expect when they tune in?
Generally ……….. Breaksy type stuff from across the board, all mixed and chopped together in a Dirty, Funky, Chunky, Bouncy, Banging Boomy Bass n Beats style. I never really plan my shows, i just randomly work my way through a stack of tunes that i am into at the time. Sometimes it will all be more funky or more filthy than other shows – it all depends on my mood at the time.

I can’t really understand, or be arsed, with all the genre hating that seems to go on sometimes. Some stuff is definitely not for me but why waste time expressing how much you don’t like something ?
Just don’t buy/play or listen to it if you aren’t feeling it.

I always have and always will play tracks in any style if they move me by the head, heart or hips. Over the many years i’ve been djing, I have developed my own mixing style which has been previously been described as ‘seamless but aggressive’. I really love to tease the next tracks in early , make up some new bits out of both tracks, and keep the mixing alive whilst trying not to ‘overcook’ it (not always easy)

If we’ve missed the show live, where can we can grab an archive?
NSB Radio archives have a few up, my own websites; www.waxequestrian.com and www.stablefrequencies.com have a few mixes and old archives too

How did you get into breaks?
Got sucked into the UK house scene in the late nineteen eighties, and really love a lot of ‘good’ house music still. But i have always had a softer spot for earlier tunes that came out with a breakbeat in them. Loved the early hardcore stuff before it all went a bit too silly. Liked it when the Nuskool sound first started to appear in the mid nineties and then absolutely loved it when it all started to take off from there.

IMO, You really can’t beat a good bit of breaks when you’re in the zone. There’s something ancient and tribal about the feeling it gives you. Still love it now, though there is a hell of a lot more generic stuff to plough through these days to unearth the true gems Right now, the breakier / beatier less overtly-wobbly (dare i say ‘groovier’ ) side of dubstep is currently prodding my interest along with some of the more ‘relaxed but rolling’ newer old school sounding stuff

What would your top 10 tunes be right now?
Not all brand new and in no particular order (and there’s 11 of them too ) ..but…

track – artist

dubx – sclist
connect – leeroy thornhill
trouble in the attic – andrey mute & jellyfish
the white label (high eight and that girl dj remix) – bitkrusha
ich mochte ein singer sein – fafa monteco
midnight bizness – dub elements
oh ohh! – janner
twisted – ways and means (featuring priscilla tonkin)
number one – pheex
twitch – mr. b
decibelium – digital base

Do you play out and if so where?
I’ve had a few scattered gigs in clubs over the last year, but nothing too regular – Mainly because i am finding more stuff taking up my free time these days, plus I am not the best at promoting myself. But when i do play out, I am tending more towards non-corporate, free outdoor parties and house parties type of events. Flangestock was a fairly recent one. Also loving the Dirty Rich parties – amazing stuff

I am still quite involved in putting on some our free outdoor LuverlyLittleParty, usually in the woods (when the weather permits) and we have pulled off a couple of absolute crackers this year. TBH, These days i find it almost impossible to match the true feeling of freedom you get at outdoor events when i am in a club environment

Plus………This type of music simply sounds so much better outside

Where can peeps find out more about you?
i have a couple of fairly old and hugely out of date websites where you can find some mixes and stuff
www.waxequestrian.com and www.stablefrequencies.com

You can tune into award winning NSB Radio, bringing you the best breakbeat 24/7, at www.nsbradio.co.uk