NSB Radio Show Spotlight – We Do Bass

Back again with another instalment of the NSB Radio show spotlight, this time we focus in on the boys behind the We Do Bass show, also known as 601

Who are you, what is your show and from where in the world do you broadcast?
We are 601 and our show “We Do Bass” is Sunday nights 9pm – 11pm UK time and we broadcast from the north of England,Harrogate specifically.

What prompted you to start doing your show and how long have you been on NSB Radio?
We’ve been on NSB Radio for a year but we’ve had a radio show for about 4 years,previously we were on Breaks FM and Brap FM

What can listeners expect when they tune in?
We play across the board bass music from Breaks to Dubstep to the odd bit of DnB and even the odd bit of bassy Techno

If we’ve missed the show live, where can we can grab an archive?
You can grab the Archives from the NSB Archives or you can now subscribe to the archives as a Podcast at

How did you get into breaks?
We’ve been producing together for about 15 years now and around 2003 we kind of naturally gravitated towards breaks music.One of our friends Mark East was producing as Deep Impact and we got an insight into where the scene was at through him, we also got talking to Terry Hooligan online trough Myspace and ended up doing a couple of promotional remixes for Menu Music which definitely got the ball rolling.

What would your top 10 tunes be right now?
10.Jeuce -Sleeper (Tomb Crew mix) – Get Hype
9.Krafty Kuts ft DJ Assault -Shake them hips (Bird Peterson Mix) -Against the Grain
8.2 bit thugs -Lose Control – 2bitthugs.com
7.Atomic Hooligan -Smoke & Mirrors (Ben & Lex mix) -Functional
6.Schema -Rat Bastard -Sub Slayers
5.Synkro -Angels -Smokin Sessions
4.Merka -Turbo -Big Square Records
3.Drop Top -Machete -Suicide Dub
2 Flore ft Shunda K -Cars (Flore’s drivin mix) -Botchit & Scarper
1.Reso -Technetium -Audio Phreaks

Do you play out and if so where?
We play out all over the place really we have a live set and we DJ too,we mostly play in London though

Where can peeps find out more about you?

You can tune into award winning NSB Radio, bringing you the best breakbeat 24/7, at www.nsbradio.co.uk