NSB Radio Show Spotlight – Beached As Breaks

Hey all,

This is the first instalment of a new regular feature on the people behind the shows here on NSB Radio. We’re a motley bunch of DJ’s from all around the globe so thought it’d be cool to delve behind the scenes a bit to see what makes the DJ’s tick and what got them into Breaks in the first place.

First up then is Beached As Breaks hosted by ellgieff


Who are you, what is your show and from where in the world do you broadcast?

I’m ellgieff (that’s L G F), and I do Beached As Breaks 7am-9am UK Time on Mondays – live from Wellington, New Zealand 🙂

What prompted you to start doing your show and how long have you been on NSB Radio?

I’d been playing for a little while on a local student radio station, and Ash posted something on a forum I frequent looking for DJs in my timezone to do the crap hours in the early morning UK time. I hit him up at the time, but wasn’t selected for any of the slots that were available.

I kept an eye on things, and when I knew some slots were available again, had another go and got accepted (I’m still really proud of that, to be honest. It’s a great crew to be part of, and I feel honoured to be part of it all).

My first show was 23rd November 2009, so I’ve only been part of the team for 6 months. I’m sure it feels like much, much longer to the people who “know” me …

What can listeners expect when they tune in?

Broken beats, syncopation and weird noises. I tend towards Psy / Acid / and ear-rapeage (thanks Audio Tsunami), and Roxright once described it as “ellgieff’s unique blend of psy and banging breaks”. I’m at an utter loss as to how to describe what I play, to be honest, because I try to leave no stone unturned finding the best breaks (and breaksy-styled stuff) but I always aim for interesting sounds.

If we’ve missed the show live, where can we can grab an archive?

iPod people can get an m4a version with tracksplits, cover art and links to the label’s websites at http://feeds.feedburner.com/Beached_As_Breaks.

Those that prefer mp3 can go to http://archives.nsbradio.co.uk (scroll down to find Beached As Breaks) – the tracklists are also there as .pdf files.

How did you get into breaks?

The short version of this story is that I heard the Plumps “Elastic Breaks” MixMag covermount just after I got turned on to EDM in 2001 by an old punk-rock friend and it just clicked. I’d always been more into the rhythm section than whatever the lead guitar guy was shredding, and breaks is (to me) more interesting at the bottom end than most other forms of EDM.

I got here via Prince, Public Enemy and US Hardcore on SST records (Black Flag and the MinuteMen) …

What would your top 10 tunes be right now?

Wow, put a brother on the spot. Only picking 10 means leaving some wicked tunes out, tbh – and there’s some older tunes that are still doing it for me 😉

Whenever You Want Me (Great Scott Remix) – Mesmer [Scarcity Records]
Stand Up! – Resistor [Divergence]
Mindcell – Hedflux [Broken Robot Recordings]
Trigger (Triple Agent Remix) – Dual Boot [Ridiculoud]
New World Order (Kultur & Colombo Remix) – Robosapiens [Dead Famous]
Solvent feat Astra (Lunar Shift Remix) – Felix Stone [Flextone]
Omnia (A Dominant Species Remix) – LoseYourMind [Downbeat Productions]
Leeroy Jenkins – Beatman & Ludmilla [Ayra Recordings]
Basket Shoes (Somsay remix) – Blatta & Inesha vs Break The Box [VIM Breaks]
Acid Bomb (601 Remix) – Redux [Trickery Collective]

Do you play out and if so where?

Not yet, but I’m keen. Anyone out there wanna book me? Get in touch!

Where can peeps find out more about you?

I guess I’m not particularly sharp at the self-promotion biz. I have a facecrack page http://www.facebook.com/ellgieff that gets updated fairly regularly, a myspace that I all but ignore, and not enough time after I’ve been listening to / buying / playing tunes to do a lot more.

That being said, I’m more than happy to tell people more if they get in touch through either facebook or myspace …

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