The Loss of a Family Member

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2 weeks ago, NSB Radio lost one of it’s own. A long time supporter, chat room lurker and a member of our family passed away suddenly. A friend of his Frenghiz, has prepared a few words in light of this recent tradgedy.


Jason the Mighty Dohse

We are struck heavily by your passing to the other side
You always enlightened our chat life in the NSB community
With your wit you would throw us surprise after surprise

It is a shame we never got to finish our grand plan
To steal a mothballed US aircraftcarrier and turn it into a party ship
We would then sail around the world and pick up the NSB clan

Unfortunately it couldn’t be
So we wish you a great and glorious voyage!
Forever in our hearts, never to be forgotten

Our mighty Dohse,

Rest in Space


If you would like to make a donation to help Jason’s family there is a gofundme campaign. The $10,000 goal has been reached, but they could always use more.